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Where do the imported photos come from ?

You use your photos/images. They can be stored on your computer, or can be imported from a USB stick, camera, or other external storage device.

How big should my photos be ?

The parts you import must be sized between 500 and 1000 pixels and with a maximum size of 5 MB.

Why do I have trouble importing photos ?

"There are several reasons why your photos would not be important, please check that:
- The resolution of the images is 300dpi and their size is not less than 1000 pixels (most cameras use these dimensions, however images downloaded from the internet may be too small or in an incompatible format)
- The photos are in *.jpg or *.jpeg format. If this is not the case, you can open the image on your computer and save it in one of these two formats.
- Your photo is stored on your computer. If it needs to be imported from a USB stick, camera, or other external storage device, this can cause problems. To prevent this from happening, first import the files from your devices to your computer, then upload it to the viewer.
If however your problem persists, contact us and we will be able to help you."

Do you offer design services ?

Our design teams can help you with a wide variety of projects carried out on the products we offer. Visit our "FEEDBACK" page and contact us.

> PDF import

What file formats are accepted ?

"Press ready PDF versions: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3

You must not use any office software, such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Corel Draw etc... that is not designed to do layout for printing in color separations, CMYK and pantones. And do not include profiles in the file or only an isocoated fogra 39L profile.
We must receive CS6-CS5 illustrator files, vectorized or unvectored or HD PDF. If the files are not vectorized, the font case must be attached.

The files must be at scale 1 and in high definition."

How do I layout my visual ?

"Create your document in the cut/rope format as it should be printed.
Include the cutting plot with the ribs in a specific ""cutting"" ink. We have no constraints concerning the fineness of the texts, the overlaps, the mini points as well as the max points. We can print edge to edge."

Is there a specific name to give to the files ?

No, you just need to use as few characters as possible and eliminate the use of accents and punctuation. Also make sure that you do not use any special characters (./?_*!§ etc.....).

How should images be managed ?

"Resolution: 300 dpi
You must not compress images into JPEG."

How are the colors managed ?

"The colors used must be in the CMYK space (and not RGB). We do not print gold and silver metal inks.

If there are pantones, they must be integrated into the files.
The supporting white must be integrated and must be a direct shade called ""white"" and must be overprinted.
If there are compound elements in black quadri (texts, pictograms...) it is preferable to change them to black 100%.
If there are any compound elements in CMYK grey (texts, pictograms...) please put them in 100% black."

How do I include specific fonts ?

"It is necessary to vectorize the texts,
and to provide the suitcase of the fonts used."

Do I have to provide you with a test, which one and how?
You can go to the contact page at any time to find the address where you can send the contract proof (Epson, printed sample).

What technical specifications must be respected ?

"- Add cutting lines on each side of the width. If dark background, white cutting lines, light background, 100% black cutting lines. The cutting lines must be 4 mm high and 0.1 mm greasy. Their positioning must be in a development environment
- Prepare the files with 2 mm of bleeds on each side of the width. Add 5 mm of bleed in each bellows for stands up. Front and back: texts at least 4 mm from the bellows.
- Put 2 mm of neutral or white on each side of the feed.
- The cutting lines, white, technical nets and visual must be on separate layers.
- Barcodes must be systematically recreated."

Where can I find the layout plans of the bags I want ?

You can simply follow the MYFLEX selection steps, press the "Import your visual" button, then follow the procedure to download the prebuilt PDF.

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